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SoftEgg Services

SoftEgg is a company of freelance technology consultants. We provide a wide variety of services to both professional organizations and to the home user. We're willing to take on just about any creative or technical task that you can imagine, and can work with you to deliver those services at a price that you can afford. Whether your task is large or small, SoftEgg is your best choice!

SoftEgg provides services to a wide variety of different markets. Please select your interest below:

SoftEgg Game Programming and Design Services

SoftEgg's brilliant staff has been working in the game development industry for over sixteen years, and worked on many hit game series! We've worked on a contract basis for a number of companies, including Electronic Arts, Climax Group, and High Impact Games, and several hit titles, including Ratchet and Clank and Silent Hill!

Whether you need fire-fighting to help your project ship on-time, or early production help when your permanent staff is still busy with the previous project, or you just require expertise that you simply don't have in-house, SoftEgg is your answer! We will work on any platform, with any tool chain, on any title, and with any development methodology because we believe in providing the best possible experience for our clients.

Please check out our experience on our products page and on Tim Trzepacz's resume page!

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SoftEgg Business Technology Services

SoftEgg provides a variety of technical services to businesses large and small. We have over twelve years of C/C++ programming experience, extensive experience managing small teams, extensive experience working on localizations and with foreign companies, and expertise on a wide variety of different platforms in many different contexts. We can handle just about anything!


SoftEgg Creative Business Services

SoftEgg has been active in the multimedia industry for just as long as we've been in the technology business. Whether it's making websites, providing digital photographic services, composing and recording music, producing and recording videos, providing voice-over talent, sewing costumes, acting, or performing live music, we've done it!

Our Website Porfolio

Webdesign for The Jazz Baby Webdesign for Pirate Princess Productions SoCal Web design for Autobahn Haus (in process) Preliminary web design for Dealer IT Support Web design for Dragopolis! (in process) Web design for Dragopolis! (in process) Web design for Sossy Baghdoian / Sossy Originals / Sossy's Bridal Web design for Sossy Baghdoian / Sossy Originals / Sossy's Bridal New web design for Marmex Music (part of SoftEgg) New web design for Marmex Music (part of SoftEgg) Ruth Gregory Art


SoftEgg Personal Technical Services

Technology can make life easier, more economical and more convenient... if you know how to use it. But for the non-technical home user, keeping up with all the technological skills needed to make use of this technology can be an overwhelming task! Now, SoftEgg is providing the same vast experience and technical knowledge that they provide to the business world to individuals at competitive rates! Whether you need help getting your computer to run properly, or don't even know what to buy, we can help! We can save you money by providing free open-source software that outperforms the commercial competition. No task is too large, or too small for SoftEgg!


SoftEgg Personal Creative Services

When you want a professional looking personal website, or a digital photo of you shaking hands with yourself, we can do it! Our imagination knows no bounds. Why settle for less when you can have the very best!


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