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Princess Maker 2

The Future is in Your Hands

Adventions is proud to present Princess Maker 2: the ground-breaking fantasy/simulation game from Gainax, Japan's premier animation studio. In Japan, Princess Maker 2 is already a #1 best-seller with 100,000 copies and many prestigious awards. Equally enjoyable by men and women alike, Princess Maker 2 could be the program that finally breaks the gender barrier in computer gaming.

In Princess Maker 2 the player is a valiant knight who has been given a new challenge from the gods: raise a young girl from age 10 to her 18th birthday. But this is not just a role-playing game- this is a simulation! The decisions made by the player throughout the game determine their daughter's fate at the end of the game. With multiple variations on over 70 different endings, Princess Maker 2 has almost infinite replay value to players. Already a classic, this genre-spawning game is one of the all-time best loved games in Japan and a long-term seller.

  • Beautiful high-resolution 640 x 480 graphics
  • High-quality music and sound effects
  • Incredible Japanese "anime"-style art
  • Hundreds of interesting characters
  • Hundreds of animations
  • Over 70 unique endings
  • Both simulation AND role-playing aspects
  • Unique, innovative game design concepts
  • Broad-based appeal to both men and women
  • Easy to understand point-and-click user interface


    Sales Points:

  • Winner of multiple awards
  • A #1 best-seller with over 100,000 sold in Japan
  • Takes advantage of "Japanese-animation" craze on television
  • Gainax name means instant sales in "Japanese-animation" fan market
  • High-replayability gives long shelf life.
  • High appeal to both men and women breaks the gender-barrier in game sales
  • "God-game" aspects take advantage of popular genre in PC gaming
  • Role-playing game aspects take advantage of popular genre in PC gaming
  • Full-color manual with beautiful art throughout.

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