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Tee-a-Go-Go at "The Lodge"

4923 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood,CA 91601-4444

10:30pm ~ Sunday January 15th, 2005


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Hello, Darlings!

Welcome to my world! A world of magic and fantasy! A world of rainbows and unicorns! A world where anything can happen!

Well, maybe not...

But it is a world of music and dancing! It's even a world of glamour and fashion!

And maybe, just maybe, if everything works out, it might even be a world of fame and fortune!

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Ohmygod! Can you believe it! They think I'm H-O-T!
Are You HOT or NOT?
I want to thank my Athonia for doing my makeup , my stylist Kelly for doing my hair , Seana for the fine Betsy Johnson dress that I'm wearing even though you can't see it, Adobe Photoshop for taking the shine off, my parents for giving me good genes, but most of all, I want to thank all of the girls on "Hot-or-Not" who are rated below me. Without your sacrifice, I could never have achieved this exaulted position. And for those girls rated above me... WATCH OUT! I'm coming for you!

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